6 DAILY HABITS THAT CAN MAKE YOUR ANXIETY WORSE by Larissa Ham – with comments from Christine Bagley-Jones

One reason could be that, “…we want an immediate feeling of wellbeing that exercise may not provide straightaway unless you get into a nice routine”, says psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones.

One tip is to start small and exercise with a friend or in a group to stay accountable, she says. “Secondly, choose something you already know you enjoy, and that’s a head start.”


Having a few drinks may seem like a sure-fire way to relax, but this feeling is only temporary, says Bagley-Jones.

If you’re drinking to excess, “…you wake up the next day and all of your concerns and the things that made you feel negative, unhappy or anxious usually remain, except now you’re operating at a lower ebb”, and with reduced energy.

Plus, your body is dealing with sugar withdrawals and dehydration – and perhaps a side serve of guilt if you have any regrets from the night before, says Bagley-Jones.

While alcohol won’t be problematic for everyone, she says the bigger concern might be what’s behind the drinking.

If you think you may be drinking too much, “…then know that you can get help and that these things are resolvable”, she says.

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