How your pet boosts your mental health written by Rebecca Howden – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

“Pets help make us better humans,” says Brisbane psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones. “They are unequivocally good for your mental health.

“From the simplest perspective, it’s a relationship, and humans thrive when they’re in good relationships. If you have a healthy, wholesome relationship with an animal, they give you a reason to smile and laugh daily. And the skills and emotional range that you experience have so many beneficial qualities.”

“It’s a beautiful expression of unconditional love,” Christine says. “It’s very reciprocal – your pet will love you back, and that love will be really observable. Even in cats.”

“Pets give you that full range of emotion,” Christine says. “They make you laugh with their antics. Sometimes they’ll elicit tears, like when they’re being particularly beautiful.

You have that great depth of love and compassion. They’ll pull at your heart strings in all different directions, and that’s good for us – it’s good for the human condition.”

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