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One of the biggest challenges people seem to have when trying to recover from depression is actually discovering if they have depression in the first place.

In this busy world where we are constantly pulled in so many directions it’s easy to assume that everybody is operating at a 5 out of 10 in terms of happiness. When we look around it seems like its normal to be struggling in someway which therefore makes us feel that a low mood isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Everybody deserves to be happy and live to their potential. That’s why its important to explore what’s really going on with your mood. Do you find that some days you go to bed and can’t recall any joyful moments? Are there periods of time whenyou don’t find anything amusing or entertaining or uplifting?

Here are a few questions that may help to inform you about how you are tracking mood-wise.

1. I struggle to feel positive
2. I lack motivation at the moment
3. I am having trouble sleeping
4. My eating habits have changed
5. I don’t look forward to upcoming events
6. I feel flat a lot, nothing truly excites me
7. I don’t really like myself
8. I can’t see the point to life
9. I am not really having fun when I am out with others
10. Friends and family have noticed that I have lost my spark
11. I struggle to make decisions
12. I procrastinate more than usual
If you said yes to four or more of the above statements, perhaps you are experiencing a low mood.

You may decide to seek some assistance to improve how you are feeling.

For more help, contact us at or contact your GP and explain how you are tracking.

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