Is living the ‘gram life sending you broke?

Oh hello there finance friends, welcome back to another episode of the Finance Burrito! On today’s episode, Tom and Liv are sliding into our wallet’s DMs and to find out whether millennials are living a lifestyle they can’t afford. Liv even sat down with Brisbane psychologist, Christine Bagley-jones to get a deeper understanding of how marketing tactics and social media make for a sneaky spending cocktail for the average user! But don’t worry, Christine also shares her thoughts on how to reign in impulse spending and take back control.

And finally, Tom and Liv are dishing the goss on subscription stealing etiquette. They reveal how many streaming subscriptions they steal from their family and friends, plus expose how many people in the Mozo office do the same!Need more sizzling finance chat to get you through the day? Head on over to join our Facebook page! It’s jampacked with fresh finance facts, tips and more!


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