Understanding Stress – and how to manage it

What is stress and why does it happen?

Stress triggers a ‘fight or flight’ response in your body – where hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released to prepare you to respond quickly to a potential threat.

“You can have a love-hate relationship with the stress response,” Bagley-Jones says.

“We need it for those occasions when we have to make a quick decision about the best ways to safeguard our wellbeing, whether it’s a physical or emotional risk.”

In those situations – whether you need to flee from a tiger or meet an important deadline at work – a quick burst of stress can give you the energy and drive you need to act.

But if this happens too often, it can quickly leave you overwhelmed.

“The trick is to harness stress and use it for good, not evil,” Bagley-Jones says.

“You don’t want it firing off all the time so that it becomes your natural way of operating. That may place your body in a constant state of threat and duress.”

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