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Being a mother of 5, I can completely relate to the unexpected challenges of pregnancy and motherhood. It’s one of the few occasions when life is turned upside down.

Caring for a young-one may be described as a quest filled with sleepless nights, crying, and questioning if you are doing the right thing. Parenting can include physical and emotional strain, especially if your body is depleted from pregnancy, labour and feeding. Perhaps you don’t have the energy to look after yourself as well as you did before childbirth, let alone, engage in activities you once thrived on. You may have less energy to spend quality time with your partner, family or friends.


During the initial stages after birth, it is perfectly normal to experience the ‘baby blues’. In fact, it’s so normal that up to 80% of first-time mothers will experience this tiny phase of motherhood. Baby blues usually entails a cocktail of emotions shortly after giving birth, ranging from joy and pleasure to sadness and bouts of tearfulness. While we may expect and desire to only have positive happy feelings after giving birth, it is normal considering the massive fluctuations of hormones and significant change in lifestyle to experience a rollercoaster of emotions. The good thing is that ‘baby blues’ is short lived and common.

Unlike baby blues, postnatal depression presents a few months after birth, often affecting the relationship between you and your baby, and your ability to return to normal day-to-day activities. This form of depression can occur in up to 20% of women and as many as half of new mothers will go undiagnosed, often due to the stigma and a reluctance to admit struggle. Fear of judgement about their suitability as a parent also keeps new mums silenced. With up to 1 in 5 new mothers experiencing Postnatal Depression, you are in good company if you are having a hard time.

Pregnancy and motherhood are truly an unpredictable experience so not surprisingly it can be difficult to cope at times. 

I have worked with hundreds of mothers. They’ve joined me for a range of reasons from feeling unsettled with their work/home balance to being severely depressed and suicidal.

Even if you don’t fit the clinical criteria for Post Natal Depression, you may benefit from some support and guidance during this interesting period.

You deserve to enjoy this life and receive all the abundance it can bring.


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