Relationship Issues (including separation)

Did you know that across all life events, second to losing a loved one, relationship issues and separation is rated the most stressful and emotional?

It may be “love that makes the world go around” but nobody said it would be easy.


Humans are social creatures and thrive on connection. Studies of the human brain have shown that experiencing rejection, (whether that be in the form of a loved one withdrawing, or the actual ending of a relationship), activates the same areas of the brain that is responsible for experiencing physical pain. ti is no wonder therefore that the feeling of not being united with your loved one can be very painful. Throughout life, it’s inevitable that we will hit snags along the way when it comes to loved-ones. We all have such diverse qualities and interesting quirks, making every one of us different and unique. It’s to be expected that when two individuals come together, there are going to be issues that may not have been so obvious in the early ‘honey moon’ stages of a relationship. 

 It is important to recognise that there are no healthy long-term relationships that don’t have their ups and downs despite what social media wants us to see. Being bombarded with images of happy couples and families is disillusioning and  not representative of a relationship’s true health or success 

Relationships often go through periods of struggle when there is a loss of trust, lack of respect, poor communication, a differences in priorities, and/or reduction of intimacy. 

Whether you are having difficulties in a relationship with your partner, your offspring or someone else who is important to you, finding new ways to relate and communicate will give it a boost in the right direction.

Sometimes all you need is for a third party to help clarify the issues with a solution focused approach. 

Being able to forgive and make new commitments takes a lot of courage. The key is to identify the source of the concerns so that everyone wins. And if you realise that it may be time to move on it may be helpful to reach out for support to  ensure things remain clear and amicable.


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