Am I Anxious or Stressed?

Am I Anxious? 

Do you find yourself wondering if you are anxious or stressed? Has life become difficult and seems to be filled with activities you’d rather not do or find overwhelming? Take a look at the following questions and if you answer yes to 5 or more then perhaps you are experiencing some of the symptoms of stress or anxiety.


1.     I have difficulty relaxing

2.     I have a tendency to be overly emotional 

3.     I feel agitated and easily stressed

4.     I am feeling nervous a lot of the time

5.     I have a tendency to be overly emotional 

6.     I am having trouble sleeping

7.     My eating habits have changed

8.     I can’t seem to unwind and enjoy some down time

9.     I get a panic-feeling sometimes with a racing heart and/or dry mouth

10.  People are noticing that I seem uptight

11.  Its hard for me to focus or concentrate 

12.  I tend to worry a lot 

After answering these questions, you may decide to seek some assistance to improve how you are feeling.

For more help, contact us at or contact your GP and explain how you are tracking.

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