Anxiety is common yet often overlooked, mental health concern. Anxiety goes beyond the normal stress we feel due to life’s challenges and uncertainties. It’s a persistent feeling of apprehension or fear that can affect our daily functioning, relationships, and overall quality of life. Whether it’s excessive worrying, feeling constantly on edge, or experiencing irrational fears, anxiety can manifest in various ways.
To gain a clearer understanding of your anxiety levels and to identify whether you might benefit from further support, we invite you to take this anxiety self-assessment quiz. It’s a simple tool designed to give you a preliminary insight into your emotional state regarding anxiety. Remember, acknowledging your feelings is the first step towards managing them effectively.
Many of us don’t take the time to assess how we are tracking with life. The years slip by without pausing to check if life is panning out as you’d hoped. Often, we don’t even realise if we are no longer really enjoying life or feeling good about ourselves.

It’s an 18-question assessment designed to evaluate how you are progressing with your mental health in particular with symptoms of Anxiety.