Gap years, working holidays: Have we been sold a lie? – Comments from Christine Bagley-Jones

  “There’s a tendency to think everything has paused while you’re away,” Brisbane psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones says. “But when you’re back, there’s that unsettling awareness that everyone has moved on without you.”     Read More Here:

Broken families – can they be mended? – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

Mothers who feel abandoned by adult children; Remarried fathers whose children have shut the door; Families whose in-laws cut them off from their children; Siblings who won’t sit in the same room as each other. How does this happen and is there a way back? D&M time with psychologist brisbane Christine Bagley-Jones. Read More Here:

An Instagram user says she is over $5,000 dollars in debt after traveling to the US just to make her followers jealous – exclusive with Christine Bagley-Jones

Brisbane psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones told A Current Affair many Australians who see loved ones or influencers living it up on social media may think spending leads to happiness. She added: “It just is like fast food, not very substantial and nutritious – you’ve gotta keep going back for another hit. “We’re connected all the time […]

Time for rest, recreation and reflection – Interview with Christine Bagley-Jones

According to local psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones, who was interviewed by the ABC recently, “It’s literally time to reboot.” “Imagine your brain is like a computer and you never log off or do a virus check or clean it up — eventually it’s going to get glitches and it’s not going to perform so well.” Berger […]

Blended families radio talk with Emma Griffiths and Christine Bagley-Jones

Christine Bagley-Jones is a local psychologist who’s chatting to ABC Radio Brisbane Weekends presenter Emma Griffiths about how get off to a good start and smooth the way for a new blended family. Read More Here: