Expressive Arts Visioning with Vision Boards Contributed by Douglas Mitchell – interview by Christine Bagley-Jones

Christine Bagley-Jones, a psychologist from Brisbane, sees vision boards as a motivational tool. “It’s not like the vision board itself has some magical properties. But it helps to create a platform for the individual to identify and conceptualize what they most want in life, and through their actions they can then manifest it.” Read More:

The invisibility of ageing – On Saturday Breakfast with Emma Griffiths ABC Radio

Christine Bagley-Jones is a Brisbane psychologist who’s chatting with ABC Radio Brisbane’s Ashwin Segkar. As life expectancy increases, many Australians can expect to live well into their 80s and even 90s, but some people may experience a death of another kind well before then. As we age, there is often a tendency to feeling less […]

“Christine Bagley-Jones Can see both sides of the coin” when it comes to memes

‘We wouldn’t be making jokes about heart disease’ Christine commented in the Sydney Morning Herald article October 11, 2018 — 12.24 pm By Mary Ward Article excerpt. A 20-something sees a meme on Facebook, chuckles, and tags their friend. “Can’t have seasonal depression if you’re depressed all year ’round,” the meme’s text reads. Over the […]