Private one-on-one counselling is the ideal setting to safely explore the issues that are preventing you from being your happiest, finest self. 

Christine and her team offers private counselling for those wishing to address concerns and struggles in a more personal setting. Fantastic as a lead up to the retreats or simply on its own. Perhaps you’d benefit from coaching to keep on track with what matters most to you. Life’s too short to let the past hold you back from a fulfilling future.

After receiving counselling, clients mostly convey that they found the experience not only beneficial but also hugely comforting and even enjoyable. We believe this is because of our genuine love of psychology and human nature along with an ability to think out side the square. Our approach is down-to-earth and grounded in solid research gathered over decades of hard work.

Utilising the best practice modes of therapy, (including Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Motivational Counselling, EMD-R, Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt Therapy), we will help navigate life’s ups and downs. Even though it may feel daunting at first to reach out and discuss your personal matters, it’s worth it.

We do our utmost to create a safe environment where open discussion can flow. Together, we unravel your situation to discover how and what changes will lead to the most desired outcomes. By sharing your struggles, solutions can be found.

You may be surprised at how relieving it is to have someone completely in your corner…to be truly heard and understood. Whether you are struggling with unhealthy habits that are holding you back or issues from the past that still need to be resolved, counselling can be the key to discovery. It’s not necessary to live with private suffering. A better life awaits you. Perhaps if you are apprehensive about committing to counselling, just book a session and see how it feels.