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Course Description 

Receive all of the benefits of a retreat in the comfort of your own home. Don’t let time constraints or logistics be a barrier to understanding and reaching your finest life. 

Come with me online and turn your life around. There is no need to be stuck any longer in old patterns of behaviour or situations that aren’t bringing you joy and ease. It’s a fact that life is going to dish out plenty of curveballs, which is all the more reason for you to understand how you want to embrace all situations – the good the bad and everything in between. After years of sharing in person retreats it became obvious to me that what we are offering is unique and powerful. 

But I knew there were so many people missing out on this transformational experience simply because they couldn’t practically make it to the rainforest with me. And I didn’t want anyone who was hungry for change to miss out hence why I painstakingly created an in-home version of ‘My Finest Life Project-retreat. So if for any reason joining me in person is an impossibility jump on and register for my next in-home retreat where a new life with more clarity, better relationships and a happier day-to-day existence awaits.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Create healthy boundaries 
  • Identify your character strengths and how to harness them as your super-power. 
  • Harness a Refined-Mind by understanding how thoughts influence feelings which govern behaviours 
  • Understand How the ‘Happy People’ of the world live

Important Notes:

  • From this course page you will be able to navigate through the course. If you have not started yet, please select ‘Module 1’ below to begin your journey!
  • Your retreat is intended to be completed in the order laid out in each module. You are more than welcome to revisit material you have already worked through, however, you will be unable to skip ahead until certain components have been completed or you have reached the appropriate time within the retreat for that content to be