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About Christine

Hello there, I’m Christine, founder of Plenish Mind Health. For over 27 years, I have been a registered psychologist, keenly helping people improve their life.

Ever hungry for knowledge, I recently trained to be a Certified Facilitator of Dr Brené Browns courses which has been immensely inspiring. Being spirited by nature, I can’t help but convey my passion around mind health and have the privilege of sharing my offerings regularly on radio, television, online and print.

What your retreat experience will include...

  • Feel genuinely supported and understood by connecting with likeminded people.
  • Determine how to set healthy boundaries so that you can thrive within your relationships knowing that everyone’s being respected and 
  • valued. Generate meaningful relationships.
  • Identify your character strengths and how to secure them as your super-powers.
  • Harness a Refined-Mind by understanding how thoughts influence feelings which govern behaviours. Engage in vital psycho-education,(understanding how your mind effects your mood and how mental health effects your wellbeing).
  • Via the power of Celebratory-living you will learn how to make the most of each moment.
  • Discover new ways to look after yourself, emotionally, mentally, physically,(self-tending). Break free of old patterns of negativity, fear and self-criticism.
  • Learn how to truly appreciate the person you are and adore your own company (personal-connection). Understand yourself, adore yourself, be a better braver version of yourself.
  • Learn the art of ‘self-validation’ instead of seeking it from others. That is, finding self-worth that’s lasting and internally driven. Set meaningful, current, achievable goals. Be excited by the ongoing challenge of life. Step outside…no… dance outside your comfort zone.
  • Create new meaning with the 5Cs (Clarity Connection Coura
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In Person Retreat

Escape for a weekend filled with nature, nourishment, and self-discovery. Located in the lush rainforest of Nth NSW, our compact 3-day Retreat will support your journey to commencing your finest life.


Virtual Retreat

Specifically designed to open you up to a new way of thinking, feeling and living, our online course creates an enriching retreat experience in the comfort of your own home across 8 transformative weeks.

‘Is this retreat for me?’

Have you hit a wall and struggle to find direction and pleasure? Does life seem to just plod along without much meaning or point? 

Do you find yourself worrying about everyday hassles like not having enough money or time? Perhaps it’s time to make a lasting change.

Your Mind Health Matters

Regardless of what you’ve tried in the past to live a more rewarding life, here’s the perfect place to start and it won’t cost you a cent.

  • Do you struggle to give yourself a break?
  • Is self-love and self-care foreign ideas to you?
  • Have you tried different ways to feel better, all to no avail?
  • Do you long for deeper more connected relationships?
  • Is there something missing, keeping you from true happiness?
If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, download the set of three Plenish Pointers, for guidance & inspiration. Start your quest for better mind health

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